My Music Collection

My Music Collection

My Music Collection is comprehensive music catalog software
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My Music Collection provides you with an innovative way to organize and manage your CDs, vinyl records and other media. This music collection software is designed to meet the needs any kind of collectors - from home users with large collections to professional DJs.

This music collection software provides options for adding either CDs or vinyl records. Simply insert a CD and My Music Software will automatically pull all information from several online databases. Adding a vinyl is practically the same; just enter artist and title, and the application fill find all missing information on the Web.

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: Can I use a barcode scanner to input barcode data to the program?

    Yes. The program can be used together with a barcode scanner to input data into the database. To do this, you need to open the application, create a new database, and right click on the screen in order to choose Add music > Add by entering barcode. To add items to your collection using a barcode scanner, you can use the keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl + Alt + B. After you done this, a window will open with the available option like : Test the connection, Add, Clear or Search.

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